Global Action Days

Students and teachers are invited to come up with innovative ideas that raise awareness, create positive change, help the environment and lead to a more sustainable future. These ideas are put into action on a chosen date each year, collectively known as Global Action Days.  Schools are invited to share their ideas for action and positive stories on our website and social media sites. 

Global Action Days are open to all. Schools and students both within and outside the FEE network are welcome to get involved. Join thousands of students around the globe and show that together we can make a difference!

Join us! 21 March, LEAF Global Action Day, to coincide with International Day of Forests!

Schools are welcome to select another date to suit their needs. 

LEAF International Celebrates Global Action Days 2016 in Malta

March 2016, National Operators from around the world gathered in Malta to attend the annual Learning about Forests (LEAF) National Operators Meeting (NOM). International LEAF Director and National Operators planted over 20 native trees to celebrate LEAF Global Action Days and International Day of Forests 2016.

Learning about Forests Ireland

Learning about Forests Ireland