Chosen for their professionalism, work ethic and dedication to all things arboreal, the National Operators of the Learning about Forests programme are the driving force that makes it the globally successful programme it is today

Barry McGonigal, International LEAF Director

National operators

The LEAF National Operators from around the world have made the programme the success story that it is today. As a result of their dedication to the programme there are almost 10,000 schools with over 550,000 students learning about the importance of our forests and how to protect them for a more sustainable future. 

Below are just some of the responsibilities of the LEAF programme National Operators:

  • Overall programme quality in their own country
  • Provide an Annual Report to the International Head Office
  • Safeguarding and protecting the FEE programme brands 
  • Programme development and support
  • Ensure training and quality service is provided to programme participants on how to meet the LEAF programme criteria
  • Communicate with other programme National Operators on best practice, programme ideas and all planned developments
  • Produce material that supports the implementation of the LEAF programme

Above is a short video from the National Operators Meeting, Malta 2016

March 2016, National Operators from around the world gathered in Malta to attend the annual Learning about Forests (LEAF) National Operators Meeting (NOM). Rachel Boyle, former International LEAF Director and twenty National Operators attended the NOM.