The Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) is working together with General Motors (GM) to build a strong Global Environmental Educational Project in a number of countries around the world. The emphasis will be on General Motor’s sustainability topics and FEE’s environmental educational programmes, and will include topics such as water, biodiversity, forests, healthy living and eco-system services. To begin, the project will focus on the theme, Forests and Water. 

The project aims to engage LEAF member countries alongside GM facilities in a bid to improve sustainability in local communities. Together they develop goals and action plans that result in on-the-ground school and community actions for a sustainable future. 

Objectives of the project 

  • Ensure students learn to enjoy the outdoors, experience and observe
  • Increase awareness about Forests and Water and ensure students are capable of making decisions on environmental issues
  • Develop young people as advocates for conservation & promotion of local environmental and biodiversity actions – ensure students take responsibility for their future
  • Develop a project that is easy to apply to all types of educational facilities 
  • Promote critical thinking by ‘learn by doing’ study approach 
  • Select science based resources to allow teachers to promote environmental education activities

Who can participate? 

The project will initially run in 4 countries throughout the world.

Schools will be selected by the National Operator in each of the participating countries. If you are from one of the participating countries, and interested in joining project, please contact your National Operator directly. Contact details can be found on our LEAF or Eco-Schools websites on the 'Contact' page.

Participating countries

  • Brazil