• Plant only indigenous tree species, typical for your climate and your region
  • Select tree seedlings from local providers
  • Choose suitable locations and dig the holes in advance. If you need some help contact local experts
  • Find students who will plant the trees
  • Involve your local community
  • Choose a student to give a short speech
  • Prepare to take photos and videos during the occasion
  • Invite other schools and local decision-makers to join this event and give a short speech
  • Involve the local media
Plant a Tree for Peace Czech Republic 2015

Plant a Tree for Peace Czech Republic 2015

On the day

  •    Go to your tree planting site and gather around
  •    Student gives his/her speech
  •    Students plant trees together with teachers and invited guests
  •   Optionally another speech by a local decision maker
  •   Other optional activity
  •   Arrange a group photo, where students and audience gather around the planted tree(s).

Follow up

  • Go to our website and fill in the short report form
  • Upload photos from the event
  • If you have recorded a video clip, please do not send it to us,  put it online (e.g. YouTube) and write the link in the comment field
  • If you have any other web links to news about the event, please write the address in the comment field
  • When the report is uploaded, you will be able to download the certificate. If you need more certificates just copy the one you have just downloaded.
  • Fill in the name of the school before you print the certificate
  • You may additionally issue the certificate to each participant, by typing their name instead of name of school
  • Remember to take care of your trees!
Plant a Tree for Peace Romania 2015

Plant a Tree for Peace Romania 2015