Celebrating 15 years of LEAF in the Czech Republic

This year we celebrate the 15th anniversary of our LEAF programme in Czech Republic. In 1999 we started with just several active teachers who used to cooperate with TEREZA, nowadays we have more than 380 participating schools from all regions of our country!

We believe that spending more time outside is really important for children’s health and also for learning quality .So we developed teaching plans for school teachers in order to include environmental education and outdoor learning into our school system.

At the beginning, we only made simple working sheets on themes such as “Summer in the forest” etc. Now we offer a whole service including methodological materials, seminars, website and regular newsletter for all participants.

We are so glad with the positive feedback from our teachers and pupils! For example, our newest teaching plan for seven & eight-year-old pupils is very popular now. There is a story about household dwarfs who get lost in the forest and the pupils help them to return home safely. They explore and learn about forests together. In the pictures below you can see what they have learned about forest ecosystem.