LEAF Day of Action Cyprus

2 April 2015, a Learning about Forests (LEAF) Day of Action was celebrated at the KEAN Factory in Cyprus. KEAN is the main sponsor of LEAF. The event was jointly organised by CYMEPA, the LEAF National Organisation in Cyprus, the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Forestry Department and KEAN.

The event was a huge success, 200 children and several participating teachers showed great interest and enthusiasm for the four stations of active participation and the hospitality of KEAN. They expressed their total satisfaction on having the opportunity for a unique experience of the forest, its flora and fauna.

The first station comprised of a knowledge testing board game where a bulb lights up when the question is connected to the right answer.  At the second station, the children were given blocks of wood and painting material to express their feelings and thoughts about the forest. They took away the finished drawings as a souvenir.

Several fun games were organised at the third station for the children which thrilled and excited them. While at the last station which was manned by the Forestry Department, children came in contact with various aromatic herbs. Using their senses they were guided in identifying the various herbs and classifying them. The Forestry Staff gave out a multitude of appealing posters and leaflets that were met the gratitude of the children and Teachers.

KEAN Manager Mrs Evi Papadopoulou stressed that LEAF offers the possibility to children to know and love the forest and to develop respect for nature. KEAN supports sustainable development as its products come from nature. She thanked CYMEPA for the perfect organisation and the excellent cooperation, as well as the Forestry Department and the Ministry for their support.

Finally CYMEPA announced that the LEAF Award Ceremony will take place at KEAN on the 5th June 2015, celebrating the UN Environment Day.