Perfect synergy of FEE environmental educational programmes in Bulgaria

A special demonstration lesson “A fairytale about a tree”, dedicated to forests and forest products, was held in the Andersen Kindergarten in Burgas, Bulgaria . The lesson was based on the common LEAF theme 'Products, benefits and services from the forest'.

Children presented interesting facts about trees and their fruit, took part in quizzes and competitions.

Many guests attended and actively participated in the lesson, including the Bulgarian National operators of the Learning about Forests and Eco-Schools Programs. The present teachers and parents shared their satisfaction of the knowledge and environmental consciousness of their children as a result of their active participation in the Bulgarian Blue Flag Movement initiatives.

The Movement supports schools and kindergartens united in the Bulgarian “School network of the Learning about Forests and Eco-Schools Programs”.

The lesson was held in the open-air classroom, specially built in the green schoolyard for environmental education lessons.  This unique classroom was funded by the Wrigley Foundation through the Eco-Schools-Wrigley cooperation as an individual project, which gives the great opportunity to teachers to take the children outside and have inspiring lectures and games on trees, forest animals, forest fires, orientation, etc.

The classroom is used in every season and its schedule is really busy. It is a great idea which can be copied in every other country involved in FEE Programs.