LEAF Teacher Training Courses in Japan


At the request of local authorities, other organisations and forest related companies, FEE Japan organised several teacher training courses.

During the two day course, FEE Japan introduced the concept of LEAF and some activities related to the programme.

Participants also discovered different values of the forest and had an opportunity to be a LEAF instructor. Each participant facilitated a LEAF activity, while the rest of the group took part in it.

One of the participants introduced the “Look for colours of Autumn” game. It is most suitable for primary school children.

Firstly, children are asked to collect “Autumn colours” and sort them in umbrellas. At the end of the activity all the leaves are mixed in one umbrella and an “Autumn shower” is made! The activity allows children to discover the forest through it’s different colours and species.

These training courses were very successful and FEE Japan is planning to start implementing them yearly.