First Ever Tiny Forest planted on European soil - Zaandam, the Netherlands

Instituut voor natuureducatie en duurzaamheid (IVN), the Netherlands, has planted the first ever Tiny Forest on European soil! A Tiny Forest is a dense primeval forest of 200 square meters, planted according to the Miyawaki method.

December 2016 landscapers prepared the soil for planting. Thursday 10th of December IVN started the main event, 60 students from two schools planted 600 trees of 36 different indigenous species in just 200 square meters of soil. Volunteers of IVN and other organisations assisted the students. Two schools in Zaandam have adopted the Tiny Forest. In the following years, they will assist in the maintenance of the forest and monitor whether it really grows ten times faster than regular forests.

During the planting of the trees, the children were very enthusiastic! The quotes of Gijs and Benjamin (both 10) of the Free School Zaanstreek show that this project leads to students having a feeling ownership of their forest:"This is so cool. This really feels like our forest!" Gijs: "In ten years when I walk by and look at this forest, then I will know that I have planted these trees. That is what I will be thinking off."