LEAF Global Action Day 21 March 2016

The first ever LEAF Global Action Day has been a huge success! Positive stories have been rolling in and continue to do so on the Global Action Days Facebook page. LEAF Global Action Day coincides with International Day of Forests, which takes place March 21 each year. 

Students and teachers are invited to come up with innovative ideas that raise awareness, create positive change, help the environment and lead to a more sustainable future. These ideas are put into action on a chosen date each year, collectively known as Global Action Days.  Schools are invited to share their ideas for action and positive stories on our Global Action Days Facebook page. 

A huge thank you to all the students, teachers and parents that participated in this year's LEAF Global Action Day and to all those that celebrated International Day of Forests! You are helping to better your community and are having a positive global impact! Well done to all involved!

LEAF International and LEAF National Operators from around the world also celebrated LEAF Global Action Days and International Day of Forests by planting over 20 native trees in Buskett Woodland, while attending their National Operator Meeting in Malta in March. Click here to check out the photos!