Tree Planting and Teachers’ Environmental Seminar at Skiathos Island, Greece

6 November 2015 a tree planting event was organised on Skiathos Island by the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature, North Athens Directorate of Primary Education and the members of the Hellenic Coordinating Committee of the LEAF Programme, with the cooperation of the Cultural Association of Skiathos and the scientific guidance of the Municipality of Skiathos. Approximately 300 students from the local schools participated, which included the 1st and 2nd Primary School of Skiathos, the High School and Lyceum of Skiathos.

They planted 1,000 trees of Pinus Pinea in an area called Koukounaries.  Members of the Parents’ Association, the Fire Brigade and members of the Municipality of Skiathos Board also participated. To begin, they were all informed about the significance of the Koukounaries Forest, where the trees were planted, and its protection. At the end of the tree planting event the students put up signs with their names and the moto 'We grow up together'. It was decided that they should take care of them in future years.

After the tree planting, a three hour teachers’ environmental seminar took place at the High School of Skiathos, where 50 teachers were informed about the International Learning about Forests Programme in Greece and also the significance of the forests and their protection. The title of the seminar was 'We send message and take action of the protection of the environment'. At the end, the teachers took part in environmental educational activities in relation to orientation, as well as, recording and exploring of the natural forest ecosystem and how to use the tools and the instruments of the environmental backpack, which is given to the awarded LEAF schools that successfully implement the LEAF Programme.