LEAF activities in Hyogo, Japan


3rd grade elementary school students took part in several LEAF activities in Hyogo, Japan. Students participated in tree-planting activities, and learned how to set up a net for preventing animal injury.

Afterwards, students participated in a “memory game”. They had to memorize leaves, seeds and other forest items that the instructor picked. Then they were given a task to find the same items from the forest. Most of students didn't know about Konara oak (Quercus serrata) which is popular in Japan. They found out that the acorn is a nut of the Konara oak through the activity.

Few days later, the instructor received several letters from students. They were writing, that they look very much forward to seeing the Konara oak grow bigger and they are happy to be able to recognize KONARA tree now. Which shows that students are now interested in the forests and trees through the LEAF activities.

Thank you FEE Japan for sharing this story.