LEAF Trinidad and Tobago Kicks Off


Two schools in Trinidad have applied to complete the LEAF programme in accordance with the LEAF cycle. Asclepius Green launched the LEAF programme in 2015 and has facilitated several LEAF related activities in five schools over the two years. Now, Asclepius Green is happy to welcome the University School and Fast Learners Academy into the full cycle of the LEAF programme. So far, both school have participated in the LEAF workshops geared towards orienting teachers and parents about the LEAF methodology, how to set up the forest committee and how to record and enter data required for the LEAF application. The participants came up with creative and innovative ways of engaging the students in activities throughout the entire year using Math, Science, Social Studies and Arts.

Fast Learners Academy will implement the programme using one class as the pilot focusing on Energy and Recycling.

The University School has expressed their delight in participating in the LEAF program because of their commitment to enlightened and self-reliant children and believe having moral and cultural values produce caring and nurturing members of society. What is also special about the University School is the entire student population will participate in the LEAF cycle for the entire year. For the tree planting exercise on September 21, there were over 303 students, teachers and parents participating. The school had a Special Assembly and Ceremony that comprised of tree planting, formation of the peace sign, prayer, and singing the Jackson Miller classic "Let there be peace on Earth".

In Tobago, LEAF National Coordinator joined the Secretary for the Division of Infrastructure, Quarries and the Environment and former President of Junior Chambers International (JCI) Tobago Chapter, Councillor Kwesi Des Vignes and the current JCI President, Ms Brettney Romeo and the two Tobago schools, Bishops High School and Tobago International Academy, to celebrate the annual symbolic event. 

Asclepius Green would like to take this moment to specially thank the two Forestry Divisions for assisting us in locating the tress and thanks to Semaphore Signs BV in the Netherlands for donating the LEAF promotional materials to Trinidad and Tobago in an effort to create programme visibility and increase participation in FEE programmes.