To participate in the Learning About Forests programme you must first become a member of Foundation for Environmental Education.


The Learning about Forests programme (LEAF) is operated under the auspices of the Foundation for Environmental Education and is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Learning about Forests programme encourages environmental education through raising awareness among students, teachers and the wider community. The programme looks at all the functions of forests.   Through close collaboration with our members on any and all issues they may have, the Foundation for Environmental Education works tirelessly to ensure the programmes expansion, and that the unrivaled standards of the Learning about Forests are maintained internationally.


Learning about forests advantages

The advantages of the Learning about Forests programme are many and varied: from the primary objectives of environmental protection and education for sustainable development, to the rewards such accreditation brings in the form of more awareness and a higher level of environmental responsibility among the participants and those they influence in their community.

Some of the benefits include:

  • A well-defined, measurable model for the delivery of national and international policy and objectives for education and awareness about forests.

  • A higher standard of environment for local people and the associated health benefits.

  • Helping develop students’ decision-making skills and builds students’ confidence and sense of citizenship through participation.

  • A structured approach to environmental education and awareness of forests has the potential to create a highly educated, informed and skilled population


Find your local Learning about forests partner

Find out if your country already run Learning about Forests: simply search on the map below and contact your local FEE member to get involved straight away. If your country does not have a representative for the Foundation for Environmental Education and its programmes yet, perhaps you could be the one to join the ranks of our world-renowned organisation. Please see our Becoming a Member section on the FEE website for more information.